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What is The Pornolizer?

It is a simple-to-use online tool that can alter online articles by inserting exotic insults and profanities. Similar websites with other themes have been around on the internet for decades, and we hope we can add value to this culture of reading articles through filters.
The goal is to create a simple, accessible tool that everyone can use to pornolize websites, news feeds, scientific studies, etc. It is a perfect source of entertainment, but it also helps the user view online news more skeptically by displaying them in a way that can not be taken entirely seriously.
The Pornolizer works with most popular websites that do not require login or a captcha, but it works best on articles rather than home pages.
The program's algorithm is simple: it takes the original page, finds and pornolizes all text on this page, and displays it on our website. This process usually does not take more than 5-10 seconds.

How to use The Pornolizer?

First, select the URL you would like to pornolize. There are unfortunately some websites that are not supported, but if you pick some news article, the program will probably run perfectly. Copy this URL and paste it into the URL field on the website. Select the language of the article (currently, only English and Hungarian are supported, but there are plans to implement more languages in the long run) and press the PORNOLIZE button. The page will then load for a few seconds and display the pornolized article.
A great, innovative feature is that each webpage gets assigned a unique id. This way, if you come back to the page at a later time, the pornolized version will be exactly the same. You can also share these short links with anyone and they will also see the exact same result.
You can also use links on the websites to navigate from article to article. All hyperlinks and even some additional interactive elements on the websites work seamlessly, just like on the previous page. Obviously, some functionality will be lost, but that is outweighed by the fact that most ads and auto-playing videos will not be shown as well as all cookies and tracking the original website might try to do being completely eliminated.

How does The Pornolizer work?

The principle of pornolization is quite simple, and the algorithm used by the website is not too complicated either. It goes through the website bit by bit, sometimes processing just a few consecutive words.
First, it checks for any words that would indicate that the article the user inputted is about death/religion/etc. and completely ignores pieces of text that contain words related to such topics. This algorithm is not and can never be entirely complete, but we are trying to improve it based on user input as well as we can.
After doing so, it checks every word in the article against a huge database of the most commonly used adjectives in the selected language and replaces the majority of these with something from our list of words, which is constantly being expanded by our team and by the community (if you have any good ideas, feel free to make suggestions either on Twitter or Reddit).
And finally, it searches for names in the text, and inserts adjectives, or “nicknames”.
Since the articles are not processed as a whole, even if there are some minor changes, most of the pornolization will remain the same.